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Recent Facebook post by Peachy Portable Potties, a LunarGlo customer in Georgia -

(Your customers will love LunarGlo lights too!)

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We found out that putting lights in our event portables is actually a money saver for us. We find that it takes less time to clean a portable when there are lights making it easier for the customer to see after dark. We estimate a savings of around two to three minutes less cleaning time per unit due to less mess made by customers who can see where they are going thus less mess to clean up. We find that we also supply much less toilet paper when folks know the seat area is clean enough for them to set on instead of covering it with our tissue.  Wish we had done it much earlier!

Patrick M, Wisconsin


Here in North Florida we not only battle heat but a variety of insects that enjoy shady spaces with access to water.  We have tried any number of chemical solutions to address both issues and in 2019 decided, using the LunarVent, to give the idea of increased airflow a shot.  We have been impressed with the reduced odor but also how the constant air flow during the day discourages many insects from making a home in the toilet – regardless of the access to water.  We have seen a reduction in mosquitos and flies in units and have continued to increase our use of this low maintenance device for long-term rentals. 


Ross Ambrose, Managing Partner


Columbia River Affordable Portables is a portable restroom and septic disposal company located in the beautiful, scenic Columbia River Gorge, which is known for its abundance of hiking trails, waterfalls, fishing, skiing, windsurfing and just about every outdoor recreational activity there is!


The gorge lends itself to outdoor events thanks to a longer than normal summer season. Many residents and out of the area people come here to hold weddings, sporting events, family events or to attend the many brew fests and concerts happening throughout the year. As such, we have a high demand for portable restrooms for these activities, many of which include overnight camping or events which extend into the evening.


The owner of the company had been researching solar light packages for our units for just such occasions when he happened upon Lunar Glo. He reviewed their website and was intrigued to discover they also carried exhaust fans. We ended up purchasing lights and exhaust fans and that has proven to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!


We have used the lights and fans for four weddings, with a repeat customer who has another wedding coming up in the fall; we have a customer who manages a ranch and during the summer and fall months they rent the ranch out to campers and star-gazers (a popular past-time here in the gorge) and they loved that they could see ‘what they were doing’ in the dark. We have several large contractors who are working on jobs that go round the clock or start in the dark hours of the morning. We convinced them to let us put the lights and fans in the units and they are extremely satisfied.


We are very pleased with the cost as well as the customer service provided by Lunar Glo. Judy Barton and her husband are friendly, approachable and very easy to work with. We will certainly look forward to doing additional business with them in the future!


Columbia River Affordable Portables / The Dalles, OR



" I hate to say that you were right and if you tell anyone that I said you were right, I will deny it.  LOL. I do believe that they are the best portable toilet solar lights on the market and I am looking forward to getting all my old junk lights out and these new ones from Lunarglo in."

Bruce F. / Hogdon, ME

" I recently installed a LunarGlo pier light on my dock on the river. This light fixture is very well made and will obviously last a very long time. Once it has a full charge, the light lasts all night, every night. No need to turn it on and no need to worry about having enough charge to last through the night. The pier light fits perfectly on a dock post and throws a nice circle of light. For a night time cruise, it makes a perfect beacon to aid in returning to the dock. I highly recommend this wonderful product for docks or any other application where you need reliable maintenance free lighting!"


Alex A. / Bristol, IN


"Recently installed the prototype lunarvent fan unit on 10 portables at a local festival. I was amazed at how quickly they began to move the "smelly" odor from the pots. Mr. Barton came down on Friday and installed a scented wafer on the inlet side of the units and all I can say is wow. The fan pulled the pleasant scent into the pots and the effect was amazing! Looking forward to getting some of these fan units in the near future."


Kenton B. / New Paris, IN

"We had one light that stopped working and Lunarglo offered a no hassle return for exchange! We couldn't locate our paperwork and Lunarglo showed our purchase was over a year ago but they still gave us an exchange generously!"

Vikki F. / Mount Airy, MD

"The Lights have been a great success and we have received so many positive comments from the Promoters and the Public alike. We are confident that Council will specify this at all their events. We have a couple more functions over New Years Eve period where the Promoters have requested the lights and we are able to get a slightly higher premium on the hire rates, so we are very happy indeed. Looking forward to the next year we will probably look to installing the lights on entire fleet of event toilets as it certainly is a point of difference between us and our competitors."


Filip C. / Auckland, New Zealand



"I wanted a LunarGlo for my shed, and the company was very helpful in suggesting mounting options to ensure I'd get the best performance. Installation was simple, and I'm impressed with the unit's weatherproof construction; heavy rain, snow, and below-zero temperatures have not affected it. An excellent product and company!"


Jody T. / Elkhart, IN



"My wife and I attended the Apple Festival in Nappanee, Indiana last year. It was getting late and she needed to use the restroom. I mentioned there were some over by the peanut stand and she said: "I hate portable restrooms. They are dark and dirty." Finally, she gave in and we walked over to the portable units by the fire station. She came out and said how nice it was to see a light on inside that was bright enough to see and that the restrooms were clean and didn't stink. Thanks to you folks who provided both the LunarGlo light and to J&K Septic Service for keeping them clean. We're going back again this year!"


Thomas and Mary J. / Nappanee, IN



"We put on many seminars around the area, so we thought we would take a chance on the LunarGlo product. It was a bit more than the products that are out there, but it is well worth it! We compared apples to apples and this light can not be touched! It was easy to install and seems indestructible, which were two of our concerns. It is maintenance free. Thanks you guys at LunarGlo - now we are getting a ton of calls to rent our units out by word of mouth!"


Les E. / Carmel, IN



"We have been using the Lunarglo light for over two years now. They work very well and our customers are very happy with the added security of having a lit portable restroom. They are bright enough for the customers to be comfortable after dark."


Rudy S. / El Paso, TX


"Our LunarGlo™ solar light unit with special housing mount has been a great security feature for lighting up our backyard. There's no fumbling to get our key in the door whether in full moonlight or heavy rain. We might even get a few more for our pool and deck!"

Patrick & Erin M. / Mishawaka, IN



"I was a little skeptical before our first purchase of 5. after trying them at our first event, with all of the wonderful response from our customers we realized we needed to have them in every unit we own. we now have a light in every unit we own and it was money well spent. The lights are very durable, not to mention the great support staff."

Jim G. / New Paris, IN



"I have two LunarGlo lights which I use to illuminate my lake pier. I have had the lights for two summers and they have never failed to do their job. It still amazes me how much light that comes out of the units and the amount of area that is lit at about 7 feet high. After I remove my pier for the fall and winter, I use them as a sort of security night light to illuminate the area where my boat lift and pier are stored on the seawall. It's a great product that works above what I expected. I plan to get a couple more to light more of my pier."


Al C. / Angola, IN

"We are a small portable restroom company that only has one event that lighted units are needed, or so we thought. Now, every special event unit has one. We are in the desert and they have proven to be durable. I have compared these to less expensive lights on the market. Lunarglo lights are the ones I want. No moving parts to break or fail like sensors or switches. They will glow for easily 15 hours on a single charge and will charge on gloomy overcast days. Support is outstanding!"


James M. / Albuquerque, NM

"We have a very large family that comes to the lake on a regular basis. They also bring many friends and have been known to stay up late at night enjoying the lake and the beautiful view from the deck. This summer we contacted the folks at Lunarglo regarding lighting for our pier. They were very supportive and suggested we try 10 or so to see if the light gave us the comfort we were looking for. We agreed and the next weekend we installed the lights. As you can see from the picture we took, the lights did their job very well. We couldn't be happier and plan to install the balance next spring.


M. Wolf / Fisher Lake, MI

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