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LUNARGLO® Solar Light and Vent Installation Videos and Instructions 

When installing LunarGlo® Solar Lights units we recommend mounting on the left, right or back side of each portable toilet roof. This mounting approach takes advantage of the most desirable solar cell to sun aspect angle, which helps to ensure the highest possible charge rates when positioning each portable toilets for maximum exposure to sunlight.

Portable Solar Light Installation #1

Mounting the LunarGlo® Solar Lights is very simple. Using a 1-5/8” hole saw, simply drill through the left, right or back side of each portable toilet roof.

Solar Light Mounted on Portable Restroom Roof

Next, remove the locking nut from the bottom of the LunarGlo® Solar Light unit and insert the unit through your 1 5/8" drilled hole. Be sure that the O Ring is fully seated prior to inserting the light unit on each portable toilet roof.

Cutting Hole for LunarGlo Light

From inside each portable toilet, simply thread on the locking nut and tighten by hand until the LunarGlo® Solar Light unit is sealed to the roof of each portable toilet.  Your done!   You now have a high quality solar powered portable restroom that will differentiate your offerings in the marketplace due to improved safety and security enjoyed by the public.  Contact LunarGlo® today to learn more!

Installing the LunarGlo Solar Light Unit
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