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LUNARGLO® SOLAR LIGHTING Media Coverage and Press announcements

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Improved Soar Porta-John Lights Get 21% Efficiency Boost


Redesigned LunarGlo® solar powered porta-john lights now delivering 21% more output to the LunarGlo Lithium Battery for faster charging; improved performance on cloudy days


Elkhart, IN; May 22, 2023 – LunarGlo® has announced the introduction of an improved version of its iconic LunarGlo® solar powered porta-john lighting products. Company co-founder and owner Judy Barton said, “Our LunarGlo® lights have been lauded as the best in our industry. Now we’ve engineered improvements in our solar array to deliver 21% more energy to our proprietary lithium battery. As a result, our customers are seeing faster charging and improved lighting performance in all weather conditions.”


The company’s website shows LunarGlo® solar powered lights are backed by an end-to-end 24-month warranty. LunarGlo co-founder and owner Rex Barton adds, “Our solar powered lights and vent fans are made in the USA and sold on five continents.”


Sales of the company’s renowned LunarGlo® Solar Lights have grown consistently year-over-year as word spreads among porta-john vendors of the company and its expanding product line. Thousands of LunarGlo® lights and LunarVent® fans remain in service with a failure rate near zero.

LunarGlo Lights Make the Apple Festival an After Dark Stand Out


Event organizers credit LunarGlo solar powered lights in their portable restrooms as making the Apple Festival cleaner, brighter and more enjoyable for over 100,000 annual visitors


Elkhart, IN; June 25, 2019 – With the festival and outdoor event season now in full swing, LunarGlo solar powered lights are helping make these venues brighter, cleaner and safer around the world. LunarGlo president Judy Barton said, “Once people experience what a big difference our solar powered porta-john lights make, they never want to go back to the “dark ages”.    


Illustrating this difference from an event organizer’s perspective, Jeff Kitson, Executive Director of the Nappanee Area Chamber of Commerce said, “The Nappanee Apple Festival has had LunarGlo solar powered lights in our portable restrooms for several years now. It makes our event stand out by how clean and bright our portable restrooms are after dark.  We have limited access to public restrooms and with over 100,000 visitors to our festival, the lights make the evening more enjoyable for all. I would highly recommend installing LunarGlo solar lights where ever you need light. They are amazing, durable and bright.”  The preferred portable restroom supplier for the Nappanee Apple Festival is J&K Septic in New Paris, Indiana.


Rex Barton, LunarGlo’s co-founder added, “We know safety is another important consideration in an event organizer’s decision to require reliable, automatic solar lighting products in their porta-johns and wash stations. Their attendees don’t consider this kind of lighting to be a luxury; it’s a necessity.”  

Solar Lighting Innovators Expand Porta-John Installation Options


New LunarGlo II kit includes exclusive multisize adapter plate for maximum installation flexiblity; Jazz Festival organizer cites importance of LunarGlo in portable restrooms at event  


Elkhart, IN; May 29, 2019 – LunarGlo principals have announced the availability of  LunarGlo II, the company’s latest solar lighting innovation. Company owner Judy Barton said, “We’ve combined the rugged durability of the original LunarGlo Solar Light with an exclusive multisize adapter plate and an exact fit filler plug to give porta-john providers maximum flexibility in how they deploy our lights to better serve their customers.”    


LunarGlo Solar Lights are fast becoming a “must-have” porta-john feature for events and festivals around the world, including the famous Elkhart Jazz Festival. Co-Chair and President of  Elkhart Festivals Ben Decker said,  “The Elkhart Jazz Festivals has 25+ units spread throughout our downtown. Even with long summer days it is important to have lighting in our portable restrooms during the evening hours.  LunarGlo LED lighting makes this possible!  No need to run extension cords for power and worry about trip hazards.  This lighting makes our guests comfortable when the sun goes down and they enter the unit with great visibility.  Good lighting, coupled with a reputable portable restroom company, makes for an overall better experience when many folks prefer not use the ‘phone booth’ restrooms.” The preferred portable restroom supplier for the Elkhart Jazz Festival is J&K Septic in New Paris, Indiana.


Rex Barton, the company’s co-founder added, “Over the past three years we have received many requests for our company to provide a device that would allow non LunarGlo users the opportunity to experience the LunarGlo difference.  To that end we are pleased to announce the The LunarGlo Multisize Adaptor Plate.  The LunarGlo Multisize Adaptor Plate will allow the professional owner who currently has other solar lights an attractive alternative which is already prepared to accept our LunarGlo Solar Light while insuring that water will not invade the interior of the portable restroom.  The LunarGlo Multisize Adaptor Plate is 4.625” in diameter to fill a 3.625” hole from a prior installation.  It is installed using 6 stainless steel screws which are included.”  The company’s website mentions that the adapter plate is available exclusively with the LunarGlo II Installation Kit. Further details are available at  


LunarGlo now serves customers across the US, in Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand. 

Easy Solar Add-On Drives 60% Growth for Portable Sanitation Business


LunarGlo® solar powered porta-john lights credited with big boost in J&K Septic revenue; ease of installation and strong warranty fueling international interest and shipments


Elkhart, IN; December 11, 2018 – LunarGlo’s majority owner Judy Barton isn’t getting much rest these days as she’s been busy fielding inquiries and shipping their proprietary solar powered lights and vents to customers as far away as New Zealand, the Middle East and Europe.


Explaining what’s driving this growth Ms. Barton said, “Word is getting out that LunarGlo® products give our customers a big competitive advantage in their local and regional porta-john market. For example, we heard from Kenton Brubacher at J&K Septic in Osceola Indiana that since they installed LunarGlo lights, their business has increased by 60 percent!”


Another LunarGlo® customer, AAA Porta Serve of High Springs added that “The lights not only provide a more comfortable environment for our customers, but lit toilets are much easier to clean due to the customers being able to see at night. Our team services units more quickly, everyone benefits from increased cleanliness and the lights are a great surprise for those “dreading” having to use a portable restroom at night.”


Rex Barton, the company’s co-founder added, “Many of our LunarGlo customers are on Preferred Vendor lists which virtually eliminates competition from other ‘non-lit” portable suppliers.”


The LunarGlo® website explains that each lighting unit recognizes sunlight and automatically turns on the light with darkness, and then off when not needed. LunarGlo® Solar Lights are capable of providing up to 80 hours of continuous light from one full charge of a high-quality Lithium-Ion Battery that's hard wired to eliminate any potential for vibration or shock related downtime. The oversized solar array will fully charge the battery within 16 hours of direct sunlight, with Four (4) LED bulbs emitting approximately 72-foot candles of reliable LED light. 

For all media inquiries please contact: 

Judy or Rex Barton, co-founders and co-owners
LunarGlo, LLC
28459 Old Highway 33 West
Elkhart, IN 46516
Phone: 574-294-2624

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