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Problem:  Having spent the last three years attending festivals, fairs and other public events as a vendor, it became clear that there was a serious need for lighting in portable restrooms. Too many times, both young and old folks would pass by our booth uttering complaints like, “you can’t see a darn thing in there.”


We searched to find lights that were reliable, yet inexpensive and were immediately disappointed.  To our chagrin, we were not able to find anything that was even remotely suitable.  Either the power source was too weak, the solar array was cheap or too small, or the features were so poorly designed it was clear they were engineered to fail.  Solving this problem with sound engineering principals and high quality components has since evolved into the opportunity for LunarGlo® to serve portable restroom rental companies and their suppliers on a worldwide basis. 

Solution Parameters:  A reliable solar powered LED lighting solution was needed; one that would have extremely long battery life, bright LED lighting, no moving parts to fail or short out, an ultra-high powered solar array and internal circuitry that would prevent the unit from overcharging or depleting the battery to the point that it could not recover.


After spending a few short years designing, engineering and manufacturing our high quality solar lighting solution, we formed LunarGlo® to manufacture and supply Lunarglo® Solar Lights to specifically meet the needs of the portable restroom industry. Made in the USA, LunarGlo® Solar Lights are like no other solution found in the marketplace.  Lunarglo® Solar Lights are fully automatic.  Each unit recognizes sunlight and automatically turns on the light with darkness, and then off when not needed. LunarGlo® Solar Lights are capable of providing up to 80 hours of continuous light from one full charge of a high quality Lithium-Ion Battery that's hard wired to eliminate any potential for vibration or shock related downtime. The oversized solar array will fully charge the battery within 16 hours of direct sunlight, with Four (4) LED bulbs emitting approximately 72 foot candles at 1 Foot of LED light. 

Portable Restrooms with LunarGlo Solar Lights
Florida Portable Restroom Company Deciding on Lighting for their Units


Problem:  AAA Porta Serve of High Springs, Florida maintains a number of recreational and job site units that are used at night as well as supporting festivals that often don’t conclude until after midnight. Using restrooms after dark takes patrons longer, leaves restrooms messy and perpetuates the perception that portable toilets are a “necessary evil.” During the recent WWETT show AAA staff looked at what lighting options were available that would be easy to install, hard to vandalize and provide adequate light.


Solution:  Owner Ross Ambrose and Field Supervisor Darren Fout met Rex Barton of LunarGlo, LLC at the Satellite Industries booth to see first hand the Lunarglo® Solar Light in operation, the installation process and discuss how tough the units were. The warranty, availability and performance made the decision to place an order for Lunarglo® Lights simple.

Result: Ross recently placed a second order with the supplier stating that “The lights not only provide a more comfortable environment for our customers but lit toilets are much easier to clean due to the customers being able to see at night. Our team services units more quickly, everyone benefits from increased cleanliness and the lights are a great surprise for those “dreading” having to use a portable restroom at night.”

Lunarglo Lighting for Hand Washing Stations
SOLAR POWERED Hand washing stations


Lunarglo® Solar Lights are weatherproof and designed to provide the same powerful, long-lasting and highly reliable solar powered LED lighting for a wide range of hand washing stations. Contact us for additional information on the LunarGlo mounting brackets.

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