Portable Restroom Lighting
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    COMPARE before you buy

    LunarGlo® Solar Lighting products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA to be the finest, most reliable solar products available anywhere.  Period.  Here's how our Solar Lights stack up... 

    LunarGlo® Solar Lights are:

    • Easy to install, fully automatic, UV resistant, waterproof and power washable with Four (4) Never Dimming Super Bright LED Light Bulbs;

    • Each unit is hard wired with long lasting maintenance free Lithium-Ion batteries; 

    • There are no moving parts (switches, battery contacts, etc.) to corrode and short out, allowing LunarGlo® units operate nearly maintenance free;

    • LunarGlo® Solar Cells are among the most efficient of their kind, delivering  5X larger solar cell area.  This approach translates into each unit charging up to 80 hours of use, even in cloudy weather;

    • Each unit is engineered to require only a small 1 5/8" hole for easier, faster installation;   

    • Two (2) Year Warranty