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LunarVent® Solar Ventilation Fans utilize the same high-efficiency solar cells used in LunarGlo® Solar Lighting units.  LunarVent® has been developed using cutting edge technology to deliver the highest air volume possible. Its powerful, proprietary ventilation fan unit is capable of moving over 40 CFM per minute during daylight hours. Moving this volume of air through the holding tank and out the stack results in a complete air change in under two minutes on average. Made in the USA, it's backed by an end-to-end 18 month warranty.  When mounted to a standard 4" vent stack* and used in conjunction with scented wafers, LunarVent® Solar Ventilation Fans rapidly remove unpleasant odors while creating a safer, more hygienic atmosphere in your portable restrooms.  When used in tandem with LunarGlo® Solar Lights, LunarVent® Solar Ventilation Fans deliver outstanding reliability and value to the portable restrooms industry worldwide.


Since its inception, customers have not only applied the fan to portables but also to utility trailers, campers, even chicken coops.  Coupled with a scented wafer, LunarVent will make a positive impact on the users experience. Our customers even report a lower incidence of insect infestation due to constant daytime airflow. (See Customer Testimonials section.) 

* Please note: LunarVent® Solar Exhaust systems not applicable to Five Peaks brand portable restrooms. 


Please call us for volume pricing: (574) 294-2624.

LunarVent® Solar Exhaust Fan

SKU: 0104
    • New and improved design provides 35% more air flow compared to the original model - now over 40 CFM
    • Strong, unibody PVC with UV protection 
    • Safer and more hygenic: Complete air change in a typical porta-john in less than two minutes during daylight hours for greater peace of mind
    • Constant daytime air flow reduces bug infestation
    • Over a thousand LunarVent® Solar Exhaust Fans in service with zero in-warranty failures
    • Now with an 18 month repair or replace warranty
    • Fully serviceable (even after the warranty period)
    • LunarVent® Solar Exhaust systems not applicable to Five Peaks brand portable restrooms.
    • Questions? Just click the Contact tab for our phone or email form. 
  • Lunarvent® helps protect wildlife from accidental entrapment in the vent pipe or holding tank. See article in; search "wildlife entrapment danger".

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