• Double Sealed lens
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • No battery changing 
  • Made in the USA!

LunarGlo® Solar Lights are easy to install and only require a 1-5/8” drill hole.  Each unit is precision engineered and built to withstand the rigors of intense Ultra-Violet light and even exposure to power washing.  LunarGlo® Solar Lights are hard wired with no switches or moving parts to short out when exposed to moisture.  Every  LunarGlo® Solar Light utilizes a long life Lithium-Ion Battery that never runs below 15% of total output.  LunarGlo® Solar Lights also includes a Full (2) Year Manufacturer Warranty.

While LunarGlo® Solar Lights are primarily designed for use in the portable restroom industry, LunarGlo® Solar Lighting solutions are now used in a wide variety of solar applications. For questions or volume based orders, Contact LunarGlo® Now!



LunarGlo® Solar Lights are enclosed in a shock resistant unibody housing thats resistant to high-pressure power washing and harsh UV radiation.  LunarGlo® Solar Lights are incredibly reliable, with no moving parts to break or short out.  Every LunarGlo® unit is designed, engineered and Made in the USA at the LunarGlo® manufacturing facility located in Elkhart, Indiana.  We are so confident that you’ll be satisfied by the quality and long term performance of your LunarGlo® Solar purchases, every LunarGlo® Solar Light sold is backed by the industry's best end-to-end 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty GuaranteeContact LunarGlo® today for the very best solar solutions in the industry.

LunarVent® = High Efficiency SOLAR VENTILATION FANS

LunarVent® Solar Ventilation Fans utilize the same high-efficiency solar cells used in LunarGlo® Solar Lighting units.  LunarVent® has been developed using cutting edge technology to deliver the highest air volume possible. Its powerful, proprietary ventilation fan unit is capable of moving over 40 CFM per minute during daylight hours.  Moving this volume of air through the holding tank and out the stack results in a complete air change in under two minutes on average. Made in the USA, it's backed by an end-to-end 18 month warranty.  When mounted to a standard 4" vent stack and used in conjunction with scented wafers, LunarVent® Solar Ventilation Fans rapidly remove unpleasant odors while creating a safer, more hygienic atmosphere in your portable restrooms.  When used in tandem with LunarGlo® Solar Lights, LunarVent® Solar Ventilation Fans deliver outstanding reliability and value to the portable restrooms industry worldwide.  Contact LunarGlo® today to learn more!


Installing LunarGlo® Solar Lights in your POTS is fast and easy, taking only about two (2) short minutes for each portable restroom, porta-potty or portable john installation.  The only tool required for installation is a portable electric drill to make a small 1 5/8" hole for placement, (instead of a strength reducing 3 5/8" hole used by competing units).  Once installed, you'll immediately differentiate your rental offerings against the competition with improved safety, security, reliability and customer satisfaction like never before.  Installation is fast and easy!  Click Here to view the ease of a LunarGlo® Solar Light Installation!

LunarGlo® = SOLAR for Decks, Piers, Docks +

LunarGlo® is proud to announce the newest addition to our lineup Commercial Grade Solar Lighting Solutions.  The LunarGlo® Solar Light Lens is the perfect way to light decks, piers, docks, walkways, driveways and adjacent common areas.  Used in conjunction with our LunarGlo® Solar Lights, each LunarGlo® Solar Light Lens utilizes a rugged and long lasting injection molded clear lens that's designed, engineered and manufactured for extra long life.  You can mount each LunarGlo® Solar Light Lens on any 2" steel or aluminum dock pipe, making our Lens an incredible flexible LED lighting solution for almost any outdoor lighting application. For bulk ordering, or to learn more about LunarGlo® Solar Light Lens applications, Contact LunarGlo® Today!

LunarGlo® SOLAR LIGHT Mounting options

LunarGlo® Solar Lights are ideal fur use in a wide variety of solar lighting mounting applications such as portable restrooms, hand washing stations, over-the-door lights, path lights, deck lights, pier and dock lights, walkway lights and even driveway lights. In addition, LunarGlo® Solar Lights are the perfect solution for use in sheds, garages, pole buildings, barns, coups, kennels and many other uses.  For more information, Please Contact LunarGlo® today!

LunarGlo® SOLAR LIGHTS are a recurring revenue generator for the rental industry

Well known for providing safety and security to companies engaged in the the portable restroom rental industry, low maintenance LunarGlo® Solar Lights deliver rugged reliability, safety and security like no other solar lighting solution available in the industry.  Contact LunarGlo® today for volume based ordering, or for any information you might need for installing LunarGlo® Solar Lights in your units or facilities.  We look forward to serving you with the industry's highest quality solar lighting solutions for many years to come! 

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