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Exclusive! lunarglo multisize adaptor plate

Over the past three years we have received many requests for our company to provide a device that would allow non LunarGlo users the opportunity to experience the LunarGlo difference.  To that end we are pleased to announce the The LunarGlo Multisize Adaptor Plate.  The LunarGlo Multisize Adaptor Plate will allow the professional owner who currently has other solar lights an attractive alternative which is already prepared to accept our LunarGlo Solar Light while insuring that water will not invade the interior of the portable restroom.  The LunarGlo Multisize Adaptor Plate is 4.625" in diameter to fill a 3.625" hole from a prior solar light installation.  It is installed using 6 stainless steel screws which are included.  

You will notice there are 7 screws in the poly bag.  One is an extra in case you drop one down THERE!

Simply put a bead of silicone around the screw line, set the LunarGlo Multisize Adaptor Plate in place, drill your six holes, insert your screws and you are complete.  Please remember the screws do not need to be real tight, just snug!  Finish your installation  installation by adding the LunarGlo Solar Light and you are done.

The adapter is available exclusively with the LunarGlo II Installation Kit.  

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